Why do we need a Personal Development Plan (PDP)?


Every one of us wants to know what is expected from them, what are the things that work well/ need to be improved, what are the opportunities for her(him) and what can they to get there and fulfill their ambitions.


We’ve created a Career path framework, in which everyone can understand where they at and what is expected of them in order to move forward.

This framework is flexible and built to help each person find the career path that suits them. It is not required to move forward to the next level just like it is not required to become a manager . In each level there is a range of complexity in which designers can develop professionally and financially . In each level there are many types of roles and opportunities .

Here are the principles that helped us build this framework:

  1. There are many ways to excel, each person has it’s own unique path 

  2. There are 2 main routes in which a person can go : Individual Contributor or Managerial. This is made with the belief that a person doesn’t have to become a manager in order to bring huge impact to the company while continue to grow, learn and getting promoted. People can always move from one path to another.

  3. All levels are measured with the same vectors , they are all impactful and demand excellence.

    The scope of ownership and complexity that is required for each vector is growing from one level to another .

  4. It’s just a framework, it is our guideline to where people stand and how they preform

  5. The path is build for long term , moving from one level to another requires acquiring new skills and proven resilience for more complexity, professional and interpersonal relationships skills. Designers are not expected to move from one level to another on a yearly basis