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Senior User Acquisition Solution Manager

Professional Path

Typical experience: 2-4 years experience in the marketing field and at least 2 years in campaign management at

Professional skills

Be the marketing focal point for the cluster team and vice versa.


  • Leads the cluster acquisition strategy and actions in order to break through to other territories, audiences and sub-clusters by analysis and personal actions
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Responsible to set goals, measurement, KPI alignment
  • Responsible for alignment between the cluster and marketing in strategy, features focus, product changes, and enhancement
  • Ability to perform A/B tests at a deep level, across the whole marketing team
  • Consolidates all the campaigns from the cluster & monitoring on campaigns results 
  • Knows all the marketing platform abilities, features and innovations, making sure to externalize it to the whole team
  • Able to use this info on marketing strategies and our product needs
  • Ability to work with multiple internal interfaces
  • Has high presentation skills
Independence and complexity

Works with different stakeholders in the company on complex projects and processes independently.


  • Flexible – Can let go of an idea, can adjust new strategy or KPI fast
  • Can lead complex projects, no need to sample their work
  • Solves problems independently
  • Leads the cluster research and analysis in the acquisition channels
  • Finding creative solutions for growth
  • Knows when we are stuck and need to change the way we are doing things
Ownership and impact

Ability to take down ideas into execution. Contributes original ideas that are translated into actions.


  • Understands channels limitations and solve them, come up with revolutionized ideas for improving the cluster activity
  • Identifies new market opportunities and drives everyone across departments towards fulfilling it
  • Strives to excel in goals. Set higher goals to himself (understands the potential and strives to exhaust it)
  • Taking greater risks: try new things and approach and don’t be afraid to fail
  • Leads cross-marketing brainstorms and projects to push the cluster activity forward
Collaboration and communication

Promotes collaboration within the department: sets up brainstorm sessions, helps and works together with other team members on challenging campaigns, works in collaboration with others on landing pages, funnels, etc.


  • Pro-actively trains, explains & shares knowledge with other team members and cluster members
  • Communicates the acquisition efforts and results to the cluster team and vice versa
  • Shares knowledge and learning with other clusters/verticals
  • Engaging communication with all stakeholders, can collaborate with everyone
Culture and maturity

Works in line with monday’s core values, including transparency, autonomy, and positivity.


  • Shows interest in the “big picture” – department and company
  • Shows interest in other stakeholders in the company and looks at how we can better work together
  • Ability to receive honest feedback and to be motivated by it
  • Sets a high standard for himself and other stakeholders
  • Doesn’t give up on solving difficult problems: performance drop, scale issues
  • Is a solution person, gives a feeling that he can solve anything, makes things feel “easy”, calming presence in complex situations
  • Understanding the big picture as you go into details
  • Mentorship

This role is not yet available.

This role is not yet available.