Why do we need a Personal Development Plan?

Every one of us wants to know what are the opportunities for them and what they can do to get there and fulfill their ambitions. We want to be transparent and fully aligned on the expectations and effectively discuss what are the things that work well/need to be improved. And in more details:

  1. Have a well-defined and transparent career path that supports personal development. Allowing to have long-lasting and meaningful careers within monday.
  2. Communicate the expectations from each level in engineering in a clear way. 
  3. Creating a shared language that will drive more effective feedback and personal growth process.

  4. Create an alignment, internally and externally, on the company’s structure and people’s roles and responsibilities, also making it easier for new people to understand how things work.
  5. Standardized compensation and benefit mechanisms that are directly tied to impact and responsibility.


  • Impact

    The actual value you’ve contributed that was delivered to customers, affected our goals or way of work, Q after Q (consistent bottom-line results). Practices impact-driven approach.

  • Complexity and Independence

    The amount of complexity that one can handle independently while knowing how and when to report and get assistance. Succeeds to be independent in their day-to-day while taking full ownership and being accountable for their work.

  • Professional Skills and Craftsmanship

    The level of knowledge in our tech stack and application. The ability to create well-crafted and high-quality code and products while leveraging the appropriate tools, technologies and paradigms.

  • Collaboration and Communication

    The ability to effectively communicate and collaborate with a diversity of peers, management and stakeholders (both in writing and verbally) in an engaging manner.

  • Culture and Maturity

    The ability to manifest the monday.com values consistently over time by practicing the cultural behaviors and affecting others. The ability to convey and receive complex messages in a mature, predictable and engaging manner while assuming best intentions, and converting them into actionable behaviors. Understanding high-level context independently and applying it to day-to-day behavior.

Key principles 

  1. There are many ways to excelEvery one of us brings a different “superpower” to the table, this makes us better as a team. We believe in creating an environment where every person can pursue hers(his) passion and play on their fortes to make an impact. Whether it’s writing code, solving complex engineering problems, mastering craftsmanship, or leading people.

  2. Consistency  – Being consistent is key, that is – meeting expectations over time. The ability to do something in specific times or circumstances is not enough and is different in nature than consistently doing it.
  3. Meaningful Individual contributors and Management pathsWe want to allow a career path for both management and IC paths. We evaluate them both. On both paths, you can be a leader in the company.
  4. It’s here to drive personal growth, there are no limitsThe fact that we specify the expectations doesn’t mean there are limits to what you can do. On the contrary, we expect everyone to take actions beyond their level and believe that creating transparency around it,  will allow everyone to accelerate their current growth.
  5. It’s just a frameworkThis framework aims to drive personal growth by stating clear expectations and providing examples and behaviors. This doesn’t mean that we aim for it to become a complete checklist nor a recipe, the reality is deeper than that. There is no substitution for feedback, a personal development plan, working with your team and manager, and so on.
  6. Aligned with our culture and real day-to-day expectationsThis model aims to reflect what we believe in and codify our “internal language” and way of thought – who we hire? Who gets promoted? What are the things we appreciate the most and the unique way of work in monday.com?
  7. Keeping the essence over timeAs we grow and complexity rises, this model will keep on evolving and adjustments will be made, but we do want to keep the same essence over time (it may have different implementations though).